Covid-19 Student Home Testing



Student Home Testing

After your daughter/son has had a Covid-19 test at school, we will provide them with home testing kits. The boxes are complete with everything needed for students to carry out the testing along with a comprehensive instruction booklets and details on where to access more help if needed. Please be aware that the instruction leaflet inside the box is incorrect, please discard this and use the separate booklet supplied along with the test kits.

If your child loses their test kits, it is important to note that we have not been given spares.

At this point, we have ben told by the DfE that we cannot give home testing kits to students who have not tested at school. Should this guidance change, we will be happy to provide them to all students.

Your child should take the tests 3-5 days apart.


Registering Student Home Tests Results

It is imperative that you register the test via the NHS website ( please also help us to record all tests taken by students as we are required to log this information by the DfE. You can do this by filing in the Google Form HERE

You must, of course, inform the school about any positive results by emailing