School Vision / Ethos

Cooper School works within the local community to prepare and motivate all its students to develop their full potential as individuals and as members of society.

Improving Achievement Together

Aims For Students

  • To develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity
  • To strive for excellence in all they do
  • To become highly motivated lifelong learners
  • To achieve the highest possible standards in all curriculum areas
  • To participate in a variety of extracurricular activities
  • To be able to work independently as a member of a team
  • To demonstrate high standards of self-discipline, behaviour and dress
  • To have high self-esteem, respecting themselves others and the environment
  • To be flexible and adaptable for modern life and work
  • To develop a sense of belonging to the school and the wider community
  • To represent the school’s shared values in their own lives

Aims For The School

We believe each student will succeed through experiencing quality in:

  • a broad balanced and challenging curriculum accessible to all
  • an enriching programme of extra-curricular activities and visits
  • a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for learning
  • a rich varied and up to date range of learning resources
  • innovative and varied teaching methods which encourage student participation
  • an ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed
  • learning partnerships between school, home and the community

We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning community by:

  • striving for continuous improvement in all we do
  • working together towards common goals
  • encouraging all at Cooper School to take a part in running it
  • encouraging everyone involved in Cooper School to further their personal and professional development
  • monitoring and reviewing the school’s own practices