Year 6 to Year 7 Transfer September 2020 at The Cooper School

Announcement ‐ 11th May 2020

We aim to begin the transfer process for Year 6 to Year 7 in the coming weeks.  We are not expecting our timescales for information sharing and gathering to be significantly affected by the lockdown.  Information will be sent out via e-mail using the same address parents used with Oxfordshire County Council for the admissions process.   Due to the current situation all information will be shared with parents directly using e-mail and all admissions forms will be completed online.  Please do check your account for any updates.     

Regrettably,  we will not be able to conduct Year 6 interviews this Summer due to obvious issues with social distancing, but we will provide a format for important information to be shared with us by parents. 

We are all experiencing difficult and uncertain times at present and Year 6 students will no doubt be wondering what the next few school months will be for them.  We are aware of this and are fully committed to making sure Year 6 students are as prepared as they can be in the current climate for joining us at The Cooper School in September 2020.