Suitable Clothes for PE Lessons

Announcement ‐ 2nd Oct 2020

Due to current Covid-19 regulations, the majority of PE lessons are outside. 

As detailed in the opening guidance to parents/carers, students may bring additional layers to ensure they are warm and dry in their PE lessons. 

For outside PE students should be wearing TCS outdoor PE kit which comprises of;

 -Either, a long sleeve blue rugby top, or a short sleeve blue t-shirt 

-A blue, zip through training top 

-Either blue shorts or blue track training bottoms 

-High roll top, blue socks that are able to cover shin guards 

In addition, students may bring a blue round neck jumper and a waterproof jacket. 

Due to the risk of strangulation during competitive play, hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) are NOT allowed, and students will be asked to remove them before activity is undertaken.