• A Level
  • Edexcel
  • Entry requirements: GCSE Geography Grade 6 or above
  • Goes well with: Economics and Sociology

In geography we aim to encourage students to gain enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of achievement as they develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject. This A Level course will enable students to be inspired by their geographical understanding, to engage critically with real world issues and places, and to apply their geographical knowledge, theory and skills to the world around them. Students will grow as independent thinkers and as informed and engaged citizens, who understand the role and importance of geography as one of the key disciplines relevant to understanding the world’s changing peoples, places and environments.


Topic overview:
Topic 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards
Topic 2: Landscape Systems, Processes and Change- Coastal Landscapes and Change
Topic 3: Globalisation
Topic 4: Shaping Places- Regenerating Places
Topic 5: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
Topic 6: The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security
Topic 7: Superpowers
Topic 8: Global Development and Connections- Migration, Identity and Sovereignty

Why pick Edexcel geography?

  • Straightforward specifications 

  • The contemporary issues-based approach 

  • A manageable and meaningful approach to fieldwork

  • Exams that give every student the chance to succeed

  • A focus on the skills at the heart of being a good geographer

Three exams plus a non-examined assessment (like controlled assessment) which includes compulsory fieldwork to both human and physical environments.

"A Level Geography shows you the relationship between humans and the environment and what can be done to create a sustainable future for everyone. I think Geography is a great facilitating subject that provides many opportunities for future careers".