Leadership Team and Key Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Dr R Whannel


Ms G Merritt

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R Mills Webb

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S McMillan

Assistant Headteacher

Mr S Baker

Assistant Headteacher / Head Of KS4

Mrs J Post

Extended Leadership Team - Head Of Post 16

Mr A Coggins

Extended Leadership Team -Behaviour Lead

Key Contacts

Mrs G Hughes


Mrs L Katz

Chair Of Governors

Mr A Jeffrey

Chief Financial Officer

Heads of Department

Mrs S Sparshott

Head of English

Dr S Gilbert

Head of Maths

Mrs A Tweddle

Acting Head of Sciences/Head of Physics

Mrs J Ward

Acting Head of Geography

Miss E Brown

Head of Chemistry

Mrs E Carrick-Dow

Head of Music

Mrs P Hickman

Head of MFL

Mrs L Smyth

Head of Art

Miss G O'Hanlon

Head of History

Mr S Lynch

Head of Sociology

Ms L Byford

Head of Drama

Ms L Keen

Head of Children's Play, Learning & Development

Mrs G Harris

Teacher in Charge of RE

Mr D Cook

Head of PE

Ms J Holder

Head of Psychology

Mrs J Patterson

Acting Head of Design & Technology

Heads of Year

Mr P Dean

Head of Year 7

Ms A Hillier

Head of Year 7 (Wednesdays)

Mrs P Patel

Head of Year 9

Mrs E Carrick-Dow

Head of Year 10

Mr C Lloyd

Head of Year 11

Mr J Henderson

Head Of Year 8