Staff List

Teaching Staff


Miss S. Sparshott Head of Department

Miss L. Wing 2 i/c

Miss H. Clough 3 i/c

Mrs G. Merritt Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R. Humphris Leading Practitioner

Miss C. Winter More Able Co-ordinator

Miss S. Blair Assistant Head of Year 7

Mrs J. Smith Head of Media

Miss L. Chapman English teacher

Ms T. Eggleston English teacher

Miss K. Skea English teacher

Mrs S. Badger English teacher

Miss S. Taylor English teacher

Mrs K. O'Flynn English teacher


Dr S. Gilbert Head of Department

Mrs J. Rawlings 2 i/c

Mrs K. Usher Acting 2 i/c

Mr L. Slevin 3 i/c

Mrs S. McMillan Assistant Headteacher

Mr C. Lloyd Head of Year 11/ Alternative Provision Lead.

Mr H. Abaee Maths teacher

Mr D. Beaumont Maths teacher

Mr A. Mutemerewa Maths teacher

Mr C. Craven Maths teacher

Miss K Oades Maths teacher


Dr R. Whannel Headteacher

Mrs A. Tweddle Acting Head of Science

Mrs G. Stapley Acting 2 i/c

Miss H. Alder Head of Biology/T & L Rolling Team Member

Miss E.Brown Head of Chemistry

Mrs P. Patel Head of Year 9

Mrs R. Mills Webb Assistant Headteacher

Miss L. Rahman Acting Lead Practitioner / T&L Rolling Team Member

Dr S. Baudoux Science Teacher

Miss G. Doyle Science Teacher

Mrs N. Hardy Science Teacher

Mrs M. Ferrus-Leiva Science Teacher

T. Mpofu Science Teacher

Mr B. Tweddle Science Teacher

Mrs K. O' Malley Science Teacher

Design Technology

Mr A.Coggins Extended Leadership Team: Behaviour Lead

Ms J. Patterson Head of Department

Mr G. Frogley 2ic. Engineering

Miss J. Carberry Design & Technology Teacher

Mrs G. Button-Copeland Design & Technology Teacher

L. Webb Design & Technology Teacher


Ms P. Hickman Head of Department

Mrs K. Roche Ali 2 i/c

Miss L. Douet Languages Teacher

Mrs J. Magrane Languages Teacher

Mrs C. Pope Languages Teacher


Mrs J. Ward Acting Head of Department/Assistant Head of Year 11

Mrs J Post Extended Leadership Team: Head of Post 16

Ms S. Couchman Geography Teacher

Mr D Chambers Geography Teacher

Mrs V Davies Geography Teacher

Business Studies and Computer Science

Mr R. Green Head of Department

Ms T. Huggins Teacher of Computer Science

Mrs N Kennedy Teacher of Computing

Mr A. Pitchfork Teacher of Business Studies/Social Media Coordinator


Miss G. O'Hanlon Head of Department

Ms C. Dean Leading Practitioner

Mr P. Dean Head of Year 7 & Transition

Miss L. Flexen History Teacher

Mrs A. Williamson History Teacher

Mrs H. Lewis History Teacher


Scott Lynch Head of Department/Assistant Head of Year 9

Megan Underwood Assistant Head of Post 16


Mrs L Byford Head of Department/Assistant Head of Year 8

Media Studies

Mrs J Smith Head of Department

Mr M Doorley Media Teacher


Mrs E Carrick-Dow Head of Department / Head of Year 10


Mrs L Smyth Head of Department

Mrs K Agrah Art Teacher

Mr A Stageman Art Teacher

Religious Studies

Mrs G Harris Teacher in Charge

Mr S Baker Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K Brown Religious Studies Teacher


Mr D Cook Head of Department

Mr M Pritchard 2ic/Assistant Head of Year 10

Mrs K Sheppard Head of PSHE

Mr O Dawkins ECT

Mrs A Hillier Year of Year 7 (Wednesdays)

Mrs A Kent PE Teacher

Mr J Henderson Head of Year 8

Mrs S Kirkwood SSCO


Mrs J Holder Head of Department

Children's Play, Learning & Development

Mrs L Keen Head of Department/HLTA


Gina Hughes SENCo ACE

Sue Brunwin Teaching Assistant ACE

Di Chatterley HLTA Academic Coordinator ACE

Kate Clarke HLTA Academic Coordinator ACE

Colin Clueness Teaching Assistant ACE

Louise Donohoe HLTA Academic Coordinator ACE

Nadia Emery HLTA Academic Coordinator ACE

Jaclyn Neal Administrator ACE

Val Stoner HLTA Academic Coordinator ACE

Julie Wise HLTA PD support Academic Coordinator ACE

Support Staff

Support Staff

Jim Bannister Cleaner

Hannah Barrett Receptionist (maternity leave)

Ian Biddle Estate Support Assistant

Karen Burge Student Support Manager - Year 9

Claire Burnby Post 16 Student Support & Events Co-ordinator

Sinead Bushnell Reading Development Co-ordinator

Alison Clements Data & Examinations Officer

Kerry Colvill HLTA - Humanities

Stephanie Cox Reprographics Officer

Jeanette Devereaux Student Support Manager - Year 8

Clare Doolan Finance Assistant

Mark Doorley Media and Marketing Manager

Michelle Edwards Cover & Attendance Officer

Gerhard Eilertsen HLTA- Maths

Martin Emerson First Line IT Support Technician

Kaylie Ferrer Compliance Officer

Sandra Gill MIS, Examinations & Data Manager

Gemma Gow Student Support Manager - Year 10

Julie Green HLTA - Science

Kate Green Cover Supervisor

Louise Gritzman School Counsellor

Jeremy Hicks Cleaner

Maria Higginbottom HLTA - English

Michelle Hiles Cleaner

Gilbert Howkins D & T Engineering Technician

Luke Hutchinson IT Services Manager

Nia Jeacock Finance Manager

Andrew Jeffrey Chief Finance Officer

Tammy Johnson Cleaner

Paul Kerton G-Suite Coordinator

Lesley Kirk School Administrator

Andrea Knight Cleaner

Emma Le Brun- Hayward HR Manager

Mike Lovegrove Cover Supervisor

Paula Mackay School Administrator

Sharon McKnight Cleaner

Jayne Menzies Receptionist (maternity cover)

Nicola Morgan Science Technician

Katherine Morse SEN Admin Assistant

Ian Newman Estate Support Assistant

Kathryn Nugent Senior Science Technician

Beverley Olah Finance Officer

Celia Ottaway Executive Office & Administration Manager

Erica Payne Student Support Manager - Year 7

Michael Plowman Second Line IT Support Technician

Stephanie Prpa Cleaner

Christine Redford D & T and Food & Textiles Technician

Anita Reynolds Science Technician

Jennifer Robarts Cleaning Supervisor

Beth Scott Cleaner

Joanne Taylor Cleaner

Gemma Treanor Cover & Attendance Manager

Sarah Walker HLTA - Science

Colleen Watts Art Technician

Jo Weeks Operations Manager

Martin Wells Estate Support Assistant

Lynda Williams Cleaner

Sharon Williams Student Support Manager - Year 11

Sue Williams Receptionist

Rob Young School Counsellor