Rewards At The Cooper School

We recognise that students do their best when they have a clear target and a strong system which rewards success. We use a house point system to award our students with points. These points are then used to reward our students as appropriate during the school year. Points mean Prizes!

Everyday Rewards – House Points – For Immediate Rewards

Criteria For Issuing A House Point:

  • Excellent Classwork

  • Excellent Coursework

  • Excellent homework

  • Positive Contribution

Praise Postcards (10 House Points)

Often it is possible/applicable to praise/reward students with more than one house point. Each department has a set of praise postcards to enable this to happen. Teachers simply need to put the name and the student and a short message on the reverse of the card and pass to Dawn Floyd in reception who will add the address, post the card home and add 10 house points to the relevant students Brom Com record and Google doc. The criteria for issuing a Praise Postcard are:

  • Help at an after school event

  • Representing the school

  • Taking part in an enrichment event

  • Organising a charity event

  • Exceptional ATL for a report (majority ones)

  • 100% attendance each 6-week term

  • Consistent hard work over a serious of lessons/homework

Rewarding In Assemblies

The House point totals from both house point cards and Praise Post Cards are used to issue the following prizes for students as and when needed

  • 100 House Points = Bronze Certificate (+ Non-school uniform day pass for end of term)

  • 200 House Points = Silver Certificate (Gift voucher for the canteen)

  • 400 House Points = Gold Certificate (+£5 cinema voucher)

End Of Year Celebration Assemblies

At the end of each academic year, each Households a celebration assembly where the achievements of students throughout the year is acknowledged and celebrated. This involves, Subject Awards, the House Point Trophy and other notable achievements