Curriculum Overview

For information about topics and assessments in each subject year 7-11 please see the following

Assessment At Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)

Key Stage 3 Assessment at The Cooper School

Following the Department for Education’s removal of assessment by National Curriculum Levels, we have developed our own system for assessment at Key Stage 3 study across The Cooper School. In each subject, students’ progress will be measured against The Cooper School (TCS) Bands. These Bands will be subject-specific but linked by common skills so that a comparison between subjects is possible.

TCS Bands will run from a Band 3 (lowest) up to a Band 8 (highest). These Bands will apply for the whole of Key Stage 3, years 7 & 8.

Current ‘Working At’ Grade

This will be reported as a TCS Band and indicates the Band at which your son/daughter is currently working in lessons. Links to the criteria for the Bands will appear on The Cooper School website. Assessment within lessons at Key Stage 3 will be linked to these Bands and, crucially, they will be used to inform students of what their specific strengths are and how they can improve in each subject.

Please note that although the style is similar to NC Levels, the demands and requirements have changed, thus grades are not directly comparable to the Levels reported at primary school, or even for older siblings over the last few years at The Cooper School.

Further information about what achievement means in each subject during years 7 and 8 is below: