Drama is taught across all year groups at The Cooper School and allows students the opportunity to explore topics, plays, genres and styles in a practical way.

During year 7 and 8 students are introduced to a variety of styles of Drama and explore topical issues. Drama allows students to work in groups, think creatively, problem solve, communicate and explore new ideas. In preparation for Drama GCSE the work completed at Key Stage 3 teaches students about creating work, acting but also design aspects such as lighting and costume.

GCSE Drama follows the Eduqas spec and consists of 3 Components - a devised coursework piece, a scripted performance exam and a written exam linked to the play DNA by Dennis Kelly. Students are able to choose whether they would like to be assessed as a performer or designer.

We also follow Eduqas for A-Level where students complete a re-interpretation performance for their coursework, a devised and scripted performance exam and a written exam about 3 different plays. This course also focuses on design and performance but allows students to explore a range of performance styles and create work they are passionate about.

Year 7 Drama club has been running successfully for several years and recently students wrote, produced and performed a full length play. This academic year we have also performed the school production of Wind in the Willows and are currently planning our next show.