Science at Cooper School means discovery. Discovery of how the world works; discovery of how scientific ideas develop and discovery of how we learn by experimentation. We aim to allow students to discover how science is at the heart of everything, everywhere, all the time. We study everything from the most massive stars and galaxies, to the smallest particles, looking at all of life in between.

The Science Department at The Cooper School is committed to providing a stimulating, engaging and intellectually challenging learning environment for our students.

In Years 7 and 8, the department follows schemes of work that we have designed ourselves based on the national curriculum; we believe this makes them the best fit for the students at our school. We aim to provide a grounding in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as an introduction to scientific problem solving and the use of evidence to develop theories.

In Years 9 to 11, students follow the GCSE AQA specifications and are taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics as discrete subjects. We are extremely proud of the approach we have taken in developing the science curriculum at TCS; the bespoke resources we have made are designed to ensure enjoyment, variety and excellent progress. We would be very happy to discuss this approach with parents and other schools.

At Key Stage 5, we offer A-level courses in Biology (OCR A syllabus), Chemistry (OCR A syllabus) and Physics (OCR A). These courses aim to extend the scientific learning from Key Stage 4 and provide a great springboard to higher education or employment.

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