Behaviour, Attendance and Welfare

We are finding that this year the amount of holiday requests have increased significantly and therefore, wanted to remind parents that good attendance is key to academic success.

If you are unaware of the changes to the law regarding Term Time holidays then please see below:

Schools are no longer able to authorise time off other than for illness or unavoidable exceptional circumstances. We would ask therefore, that you do not request time off school for your child other than for the above, as all other requests will have to be rejected.

Please note that the law clearly states that the absence must be approved by the school in advance for it to be lawful. To do this please email It is then for the school to decide if the request will be authorised and is not a parental right.

We need to advise you that keeping a child off school without the approval of the school is against the law and will be subject to a fine of up to £120. Persistent offences can lead to parenting orders or other court action.

Please see for more information.

Why is regular attendance important?

Because every child has the right to be educated.

Attending school regularly means that:

  • Students can benefit from the opportunities provided for them in school

  • Student’s learning is uninterrupted

  • Students can achieve the best results in a broad range of activities

  • Relationships with friends and teachers are maintained and can grow.

  • Students are in a safe environment

We need the help of parents to avoid unnecessary absence.

How Can Parents Help?

  • Support your child’s learning at home

  • Make sure your child arrives at school on time every day, with all their equipment and ready to learn

  • Tell your child that they are expected to follow the school rules and Behaviour Policy

  • Contact your child’s form tutor if he/she has any problems at school

  • Keep the school informed of any issues at home which may affect your child’s attendance/performance at school

  • Make routine medical appointments out of school hours

  • If appointments must be made during school time, make sure your child misses as little of the day as possible

Authorised Absences

The School is allowed to authorise some absences:

  • If a child is genuinely ill – you may be asked to produce a doctor’s certificate

  • If the school is closed – you will be contacted in advance about this

  • If a child is observing a religious festival – applications should be made to the Headteacher in writing in advance

What Is Unauthorised Absence?

During school time students should not :

  • Take a holiday without authorisation by the Headteacher

  • Do the shopping, buy shoes or get their hair cut

  • Wait for tradesmen to call

  • Look after younger children or other family members

  • Sleep in

  • Take a day off for their birthday

Recent research suggests that children who are missing up to 6 weeks schooling during the year actually fall 2 terms behind their peers.

Why School Wants You To Keep In Touch…

We want you to help us to help you…..and together we will know your child is SAFE.

If we don’t hear from you then you may hear from us.

When Your Child Is Away From School, Please….

  • Contact the school as soon as possible if your child has to miss school for any reason.

  • Tell the school what the illness is when your child is ill.

  • Tell the school the reason for the absence if not due to illness.

If the school does not hear from you and your child is not in school, you may receive a telephone call.

If absence falls below 90%, over a 6 week period, a letter will be sent home.

Persistent absences of lateness causing concern will be referred to the Attendance and Engagement service.

Please help us to give your child the education they deserve!

Attendance matters

Notifying the school about a student's absence

Planned Absences

These should be notified to the Attendance Office in advance of the absence eg. Medical appointment, theatre performances, music exams, sporting activities.

Request for leave of absence (Holiday). (Please refer to the schools Attendance Policy for further information concerning Leave of Absence request).

These should be notified to the Attendance Office in advance of the absence. Please note however that all holiday requests will be classified as unauthorised absence unless there are truly exceptional circumstances.

If you have a holiday request which you wish to be considered under ‘exceptional circumstances’ please write for the attention of The Headmaster.

Contact Details:

Attendance Office 01869 242121 Ext 2132, 2131.


Unplanned Absences

Please phone the school each day that your child is off unwell on 01869 242121 Ext 2132, 2131 before 8.30am please. There is a voicemail operating outside of office hours which allows parents to phone at their earliest convenience to leave a message. Please leave the name of your child, their Year, Form, and the reason for absence including an indication as to the likely number of day’s absence.

If for any reason you experience difficulties in trying to report your child’s absence by phone, there is an email address for reporting unplanned absences which is shown below.

If a student is not in registration and we have had no information from home about the absence, parents will be phoned to check the whereabouts of the student. If you receive such a call please reply as soon as possible, or if you realise you have not called before 8.30am please phone in as soon as you can. Please help the school by making the call yourself about your son/daughter’s absence.

Contact Details:

Attendance Office 01869 242121 Ext 2132, 2131


Does your child having low school attendance have a negative effect on their examination grades?

The answer is almost certainly YES!

We have analysed last year’s GCSE results at Cooper School and compared the grades of the students in the top 10% for school attendance against the lowest 10% for school attendance. The results clearly confirm other research findings that poor school attendance has a negative effect on grades achieved. Below are the results of the analysis.

Whole school % of students gaining 5 A*-C (including Math’s and English) 59.6%

% of Lowest 10% attending students gaining 5 A*-C (including Math’s and English) 38.1%

% of Highest 10% attending students gaining 5 A*-C (including Math’s and English) 91.3%

Whole school % of students gaining 5 A*-C. 63.6 %

% of lowest 10% attending students gaining 5 A*-C. 42.9%

% of Highest 10% attending students gaining 5 A*C. 95.7%

So everyday matters, indeed every hour matters. Maximising attendance helps your son and daughter achieve better grades. Obviously we are all human and people get ill and may miss some school. If this is the case please inform the school as soon as you can so we are able to support your child’s learning at this time.