Post 16


The Cooper School Post 16 Centre opened its doors to the first intake of year 12 students in September 2011.

We are proud to announce that the building has lived up to all its potential and aims of being 21st-century teaching and learning resource built for the educational needs of Post 16 students. The rooms are large, bright and airy and the range of new technologies is used throughout the day to support the learning of the students. In addition, the cafeteria and common room have ensured that the environment fully supports the students in their educational endeavours.

We believe we have a centre that is second to none and is fully state-of-the-art and aims for excellence in all areas.

Post 16 Curriculum For The Future

The Post 16 curriculum was carefully designed to offer a broad range of courses that are challenging, exciting and relevant for the students; matching their needs and interests as far as possible. We wanted to give students the opportunity to study locally and not have the time and cost implications of travelling to other institutes elsewhere. Choosing subjects of genuine interest for students is the beginning of specialisation. The curriculum we are offering will ensure we are able to create a dynamic teaching and learning institution for all. The curriculum aims to support students in building on their academic success as well as preparing students for their adult life; both vocationally and academically. Extensive enrichment opportunities are available for all students to ensure the learning experience is as fulfilling and dynamic as possible.

A Building For The Future

We are proud to state that our £4.4 million Sixth Form centre at The Cooper School has been designed to be state of the art, eco-friendly and carbon neutral. The building opened to Post 16 students at the start of the September 2011 academic year. The building is carefully designed to ensure that all Sixth Form students have access to high-quality 21st-century equipment and resources to support and encourage their learning. It is light, airy, extremely comfortable and fully equipped for the needs and requirements of young adult learners. It is a centre that provides a first-class learning environment.

Private Study Area

Effective use of private study is the key to success at KS5. Designated study areas in the Post 16 area ensure that students are fully supported and encouraged in the development of their independent study skills. These areas are fully equipped to support and encourage learning with suitable resources and high quality furnishings.


ICT facilities are installed into the centre, solely for the use of Post 16 students. These are available to support the effective use of private study time. Access to high quality ICT resources is central for students to extend their learning and build on their knowledge and understanding.


The new Post 16 Centre also houses specially designed teaching and learning rooms for Post 16 learners.

Café & Recreational Facilities

Social time is a key area to further encourage an enjoyment of Post 16 studies. To ensure all students are able to make the most of their educational experience, a modern, comfortable social area and café is situated in the Post 16 centre.

Dress Code

Students in the Post 16 have the right to wear their own clothes in a responsible way that is appropriate for the school environment.


There is limited parking available for Post 16 students, allocated on a ‘need’ basis. Parking permits will be issued by the school.


Please contact Oxfordshire Council for seat availability Tel : 01865 323933.