Post 16 Model United Nations General Assembly

On Wednesday 4th March our P16 held it's first ever Model United Nations General Assembly. Here is a summary of the day by our students:

"We have been debating for a while, getting actively involved in our school’s debate society, as well as attending and being successful in multiple debating and public speaking events.

We believed the next logical step would be challenging ourselves to host an event of our own. The reason we decided the event we wanted to run was a Model United Nations Conference, was because we had attended another school-run MUN, and had been inspired to do our own, but also felt we could improve upon their ideas in our own way.

We invited many schools to participate, and it took many many painstaking hours of preparation and organisation - down to even the tiniest of details.

In the process we believe we have gained a number of leadership and organisational skills, that would definitely be useful for any future leadership positions we may find ourselves in. Furthermore, being able to run events like this will help diversify and make our personal statements more impressive.

For the event itself, we ended up with three external schools attending. We had a total of 33 passionate delegates taking part in three separate committees debating advanced, topical issues including nuclear weapons, the politics of oil trade, and the current crisis in Venezuela. Our delegates spent three hours passing resolutions on their topics, representing a variety of countries from many different areas of the world.

As chairs we were able to see delegates grow throughout the day - in confidence, maturity and ability. We had the privilege of witnessing some very impressive debates where all delegates were giving their all, coping extremely well in the crisis where they were faced with an ever-changing scenario, and had to think on their feet. The day ran very smoothly, and we are extremely pleased with how it went.

We think these kinds of events are very important, especially as they help to keep young people involved with politics, give them a wider understanding of the world around them, and an opportunity to try and come up with their own solutions to issues facing the world today."