School Values

What Makes The Cooper School Distinctive?

  • We have high expectations of student commitment to learning in lessons and high expectations of student progress, driven by an aspirational culture
  • We have high expectations of staff development, empowering leadership at all levels based on quality and aptitude, with committed and collaborative departmental teams

Quality Teaching And Learning

  • The TCS Core Expectations define the framework for high-quality teaching and learning across our school, supported by weekly briefings, and CPL teams which staff join

  • Professional development for all staff is responsive to need and shares best practice through collaborative training

  • Students confidently develop skills for life such as problem-solving, team working and creative, collaborative thinking alongside the use of technologies to support learning

  • Visitors to the school regularly report an impressive, purposeful learning culture in lessons based on respect and aspiration


An Aspirational Culture Through Character Development

  • Students are encouraged through an organised and strategic approach to character development that helps them take responsibility for themselves and our school community

  • We focus on both performance and moral values so that students can be academically successful and can develop the character needed to maintain meaningful relationships in their future

  • Every adult takes responsibility for developing student character by modelling and explicitly encouraging respect, self-discipline, courage, motivation and resilience


Personalised Support And Guidance For Welfare And Attainment

  • High-quality pastoral support provides personalised support for students’ learning and welfare

  • We value collaborative partnerships with parents via our Student Support Managers and pastoral teams

  • The curriculum offers broad and balanced learning pathways which provide good progression opportunities that avoid narrowing student choices as much as is possible; their progress is tracked and reviewed with an emphasis on aiming high and support is put in place for students to achieve their goals


Aspirational Futures: Citizenship

  • Students are encouraged to aspire to futures in jobs, apprenticeships or universities which will enable them to maximise their potential.

  • Students are encouraged to proactively support charities and causes and issues that matter to them

  • An understanding of different cultures, values and faiths promotes tolerance and respect for difference and an understanding of the world


Respectful Behaviours

  • Students are encouraged to show respectful behaviours towards each other, adults and the school environment supported by a character development and PHSE programme where such values are explored

  • Staff model the positive behaviours expected of students as role models and guides, in order for students to feel the benefits of a mutually respectful culture

  • Where students make mistakes in their behaviours, they are dealt with fairly and reasonably, according to the school’s values