Media Studies

  • A Level
  • OCR
  • Entry requirements: GCSE English Grade 6, no need to have taken GCSE Media
  • Goes well with: English, Art, Sociology, Psychology

This is a two year A Level course that will offer students the opportunity to analyse critically a variety of media products across a range of platforms; from moving image, digital, web-based, magazines, radio and newspapers, as well as producing their own media production piece such as the opening to a new sitcom and an accompanying website. It develops a critical understanding and enjoyment of a variety of products, as well as an appreciation of the increasing role of The Media.

Component 1 - 35% (Exam - 2 hour exam - 70 marks)

Section A: News

Two linked in-depth studies that focus on contemporary news in the UK, exploring how and why newspapers and their online counterparts are evolving as media products and the relationship between both online and offline news.

Section B: Media Language and Representation

You will explore media language and representation, through set products: magazines advertising and marketing and music videos

Component 2: 35% (Exam - 2hrs - 75 marks)

Section A - Media Industries and audiences

You will explore media industries and audiences, through media products set by OCR for: radio video games film

Section B - Long form television drama (including online participatory media)

You will engage in one in-depth study of television as an evolving, global media form. You must study one complete episode of a contemporary English language long form TV drama and one complete episode of a non-English language long form TV drama to inform their study. These texts must select from lists set by OCR.

Component 3/4 - NEA - 30%

Cross media production pieces in response to a brief

You will create a production piece following a brief from a category below:

  • a television and online cross-media brief (opening 5 minutes of a new show with a website)

  • a magazine and online cross-media brief (a new magazine front cover and articles with an accompanying website)

  • a radio and online cross-media brief (opening 5 minutes of a new radio show with accompanying website)

  • a music video and online cross-media brief. (A music video with a website)

Examples of set texts across the platforms:

  • The Jungle Book 1967 and The Jungle Book 2016

  • The Radio One Breakfast Show

  • Stranger Things

  • House of Cards

  • Old Spice (UK aftershave advert)

  • Lucozade (UK soft-drink advert)

  • David Guetta – Titanium

  • Deutschland 83