Reporting and Feedback


We report home three times per academic year.

The first report of the year, in the Autumn term, will report only on your child’s behaviours and attitudes at school. Each of their teachers, including their Personal Development Mentor (PDM - the new name for their form tutor) will report on the behaviours and attitudes that they see displayed in their classrooms. The new name for form time is “Lesson 0”. This report is based on three key areas from our school values:

Follows Routines;  Works Hard;  Is Kind

For each of these three strands, students will be judged on a 5 point scale according to our detailed description grid of Cooper Way Descriptors which can be found HERE. The five ratings we will use are:

significantly below;   below;   expected;   above;   significantly above

Students should be familiar with this brief summary of what we, as a school, agree are the “Expected” behaviours we want to see from everyone in our school community:


Right place
Right time
Doing the right thing
Work Hard
Try your hardest in every lesson
Participate in class
Be brave; don't give up
Is Kind
Be polite, helpful and respectful to
everyone in our community.
Help to make our school the best
place it can be.



When we will report

We understand that for parents and carers, one of the most important questions you will have is “is my child where they should be in their learning?” and so, for the second report of the academic year, we will also report academic performance. For years 7-10 this will be using the same ratings in our 5 point scale (significantly below;   below;   expected;   above;   significantly above). This replaces the previous system of Cooper bands. In years 11, 12 and 13 we will report using GCSE and A level targets and grades to describe academic performance. We will make these performance judgments using a range of teachers’ professional judgement from lessons (formative assessment) and class tests (summative assessment). These will be measured against department-based criteria for what skills and knowledge we believe a child should have at each stage of their learning throughout their time at The Cooper School. A list of these will be available to view on the website when you receive your child’s report.

In the third and final report of the school year, we will report on the above as well as sharing scores from end of year assessments in each subject area.

Report 1
Report 2
Years 7,11, 13 by 13th October Year 11 by 19th December Year 11 by 15th March
Years 8 & 10 by 8th November Years 7 & 13 by 9th February  Years 7 & 8 by 21st June
Years 9 & 12 by 19th December Years 8 & 10 by 23rd February Years 9 & 10 by 5th July
  Year 9 by 27thFebruary Year 12 by 19thJuly
  Year 12 by 12th March  


Progress Consultation Evenings (PCEs)

We will continue to hold these online using the SchoolCloud website. Each PCE will be held over two consecutive evenings (Wednesdays and Thursdays) so parents and carers should expect some appointments on each evening depending on the availability of your child’s teachers. The dates of these for 2023/4 are shown below:

Year 7
22nd & 23rd November
Year 8
17th & 18th November
Year 9
28th & 29th February
Year 10
8th & 9th May
Year 11
17th & 18th January
Year 12
13th & 14th March
Year 13
6th & 7th December

 Full details of how to book appointments will be sent out in the fortnight prior to these dates.