• A Level
  • AQA
  • Entry requirements: GCSE MFL - Grade 6 or above
  • Goes well with: English and most other subjects

This is a topic-based, two-year course which incorporates speaking and listening as well as reading and writing skills. Teaching will enable students to improve their grammatical accuracy and their understanding of both written and spoken material in Spanish. In addition, students will practise transferable skills, developing oral fluency and conversational skills. Topics covering hispanic society include: Social Issues and Trends, Artistic Culture, Multiculturalism and Aspects of Political Life; Grammar; one Literary Text & one Film.

Topics covered include:

  • Social Issues and Trends in Spanish-Speaking Countries

  • Political and Artistic Culture in the Hispanic World

  • Grammar

  • One Literary Text & One Film


Paper 1 – (Listening, Reading & Writing) - Written Exam

2 hours 30 minutes (50% of A Level)

Paper 2 – (Writing on Literary Text and Film) - Written Exam

2 hours (20% of A Level)

Paper 3 – (Speaking) - Oral Exam

21 - 23 minutes (30% of A Level)