Welcome to The Cooper School, where we work within the local community to prepare and motivate all of our students to develop their full potential as individuals and as members of society.

We aim to share high aspirations and high expectations as evidenced in our most recent Ofsted Report (January 2023) which stated that:

"Strong positive relationships between staff and pupils lie at the heart of The Cooper School. The school’s motto challenges pupils to ‘dream big, work hard and be kind’. Pupils are caring and feel that they can be themselves in school. Sixth-form students are mature and confident, and relish studying at a higher level on the wide range of courses available to them."

We Believe That To Be An Effective Learning Community:
  • all teaching will be inspirational and innovative which is differentiated for all including our most vulnerable learners;

  • our curriculum is rooted in 3rd-millennium technologies, is rich and relevant to all learners;

  • the school works in partnership with other organisations in a true spirit of partnership;

  • each student is significant, noticed, valued, respected and cherished;

  • every student makes exceptional progress from their starting point as a result of outstanding and inspirational teaching;

  • every student has a right to learn in a safe, engaging, nurturing and happy environment;

  • every student is an articulate, autonomous but collaborative learner;

  • each student is motivated to learn, is inquisitive about the world they live in and curious about their own learning;

  • everyone in the school community is a learner who recognises their roles and responsibilities as members of a global society;

  • every individual is part of a truly inclusive community that respects the surrounding environment and is committed to making it a better place for future generations.

The improvements in the school over the last few years (with the consequent growth of reputation in the local and wider community) means that the school has grown in popularity. We have focused on providing the best educational opportunities for students so that we are a centre of excellence. We want our students at The Cooper School to be stretched and stimulated because of the engaging educational experiences they access on a daily basis with enriched opportunities and challenges and supported by various adults at the school, materials and resources including the explicit use of new technologies in the learning process.

Dr Rob Whannel