• A Level
  • Edexcel
  • Entry requirements: GCSE English Grade 6 or above
  • Goes well with: History, Sociology, Religious Education, English Literature

Politics is all around us and in every aspect of our lives. This course offers the opportunity to explore the British political system in considerable depth to understand its influence on our lives and then take a more global view in Year 13 alongside more ideological ideas. It suits those who enjoy lively discussions and debates and people who take an interest in current affairs. It also facilitates an understanding of political processes, including the activities of governments, parties and individuals, and develops skills of analysis and communication.

Component 1: UK Politics

  • Democracy & participation

  • Electoral system

  • Pressure groups & protest movements

  • Political parties

  • Voting behaviour and the media

Core Political Ideas

  • Conservatism

  • Liberalism

  • Socialism

Component 2: Unit 2 Governing Modern Britain

  • The British Constitution

  • Parliament

  • Prime Minister & Cabinet

  • Relationships between institutions

Optional Political Ideas:

  • Anarchism

Component 3: The USA

  • The State and Globalisation

  • Global governance: political and economic

  • Global governance: human rights and environmental

  • Power and developments

  • Regeneration and the European Union

  • Comparative theories: Realism vs Liberalism

"It enables you to see how powerful politics is. How much it impacts on our everyday lives as well, seeing how easily we can get involved and make a difference. People normally avoid politics because some people are very opinionated on current events, this course is a way to learn about the system that governs us and formulate your own opinion about how to use your vote when your 18th birthday comes about."