Physical Education

  • A Level
  • Edexcel
  • Entry requirements: GCSE PE Grade 6 (in theory paper) or Distinction BTEC Sport level 2, GCSE Science Grade 6 or above, GCSE Maths Grade 6 or above, GCSE English Grade 6 or above. An ongoing interest in sport and PE in the wider world, including regular participation to a good standard within a club environment outside of school, as either player or coach, to facilitate the collection of video evidence needed for Component 3
  • Goes well with: Biology and Psychology

This specification allows students to gain an A Level over two years. The course contains both theoretical and practical components and gives those with a love of sport and physical activity an opportunity to apply scientific and psychological principles in the sporting world.

Component 1: (40%) Scientific Principles of Physical Education

Applied anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology and applied movement analysis.

Component 2: (30%) Psychological and Social Principles of Physical Education

Skill acquisition, Sport Psychology, Sport and Society.

Component 3: (15%) Practical Performance

Skills performed in one physical activity as a player/performer or coach that is internally marked and externally moderated. This must be undertaken as independent study

Component 4@ (15%) Performance Analysis and Performance Development Programme (written coursework)

This involves an evaluation of the student’s own or another’s Performance (PA), in a physiological or psychological component and either a tactical or technical component in a chosen activity, as a player or coach. In year two pupils utilise this coursework and build a Personal Development Programme that develops the weaknesses identified within the PA.

“Studying A level PE has allowed me to follow my dream career in becoming a PE teacher. It allowed me to develop my understanding of physiological adaptations and developments essential for my career in teaching."