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Since becoming SENCo in September 2021 I have created The ACE (Achieving and Creating Excellence) Centre for all of our students who have any additional educational needs (AEN). The ACE is based in the heart of the school, right next to the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team’s offices, because supporting students with AEN to achieve success is at the heart of the ethos of The Cooper School.

The ACE comprises three teaching spaces, one large space that can accommodate up to 16 students and two smaller spaces. These spaces are available for students to use throughout the day, providing them with a safe, quiet space to learn, socialise and thrive. The staff in the ACE are highly skilled and trained to support students to achieve their full potential, not only in their academic abilities, but also in their social and emotional interactions. 

We aim to support students in whichever way is necessary to help them to succeed in school life. Some students only come in for social times, some for targeted interventions, some for social and emotional regulation training and some who are option light and need overteaching or support with homework. 

The ACE team works closely with Heads of Year, Departments Heads, Form Tutors, the Pastoral Team and parents to ensure that we are providing a clear and cohesive approach to each student’s learning, mapping out a path for success that is regularly reviewed and assessed.

Mrs. Gina Hughes - SENCO

Students report that they love coming into the ACE as can be evidenced by the following quotes:

“The Ace has helped me with my confidence and stress around school, the team allow you to stop and have a brain break. If you start to get overwhelmed or stressed, all the teachers are lovely, don’t hesitate to ask for help, remember they are there to help.” Year 10 student.

“The Ace is a peaceful place to catch up on your work - not to mention you also get more one to one teaching experiences with the teachers - which can help a lot if it’s hard to function in the classroom.” Year 11 student

“When I doubt myself the Ace is always the place to go to cheer me up!” Year 8 student.