Art and Design (Fine Art)

  • A Level
  • AQA
  • Entry requirements: GCSE Art Grade 5
  • Goes well with: Textiles, English, Music, Media

This course allows students opportunities to generate and develop ideas, research primary and contextual sources, record practical and written observations, experiment with media and processes and refine ideas towards producing personal resolved outcomes.

Students will not be entered for AS Level but will complete the A Level course over a two year period.

Component 1 - Personal Portfolio (60%)

  • Incorporate three major elements: supporting studies, practical work, and a personal study.

  • Supporting studies and practical work will comprise a portfolio of development work and outcomes based on themes and ideas developed from personal starting points.

  • The personal study will be evidenced through critical written communication showing contextual research and understanding in a minimum 1000 words of continuous prose, which may contain integrated images.

Component 2 - Externally Set Assignment (40%)

Incorporates two major elements: preparatory studies and the 15 hour period of sustained focus.

  • Preparatory studies will comprise a portfolio of practical and written development work based on the externally set assignment.

  • During the 15 hour period of sustained focus under examination conditions, students will produce final outcome(s) extending from their preparatory studies in response to the Externally Set Assignment.

We will be offering a European trip to inspire the direction of each component along with life drawing sessions and printmaking workshops.

"Studying art at A-Level has been an amazing experience. Having the independence to explore a topic of my choice is uncommon in many other subjects, but that is what makes art unique. The department staff have always been really supportive in trying to help me fulfil my potential and if I could do it all again I would."