Curriculum Overview

We believe in shaping a future where every child can flourish.  Our mission is to remove barriers and provide a breadth of opportunities so that every child has a safe and equitable environment in which to grow.  Our curriculum supports us in delivering our school motto:

Dream Big.   Through aspirational and inspirational teaching, learners will attain outcomes which empower and enable their future pathways.

Work Hard.  We’re supporting learners to develop self-discipline and courage, enabling them to grow as individuals, now and in the future.

Be Kind.  We treat every member of the community with kindness and respect.  Quality relationships and restorative approaches are at the heart of what we do.

We want every student to flourish in our school, both personally and academically. Our broad and balanced curriculum encompasses subject areas and personal development.  It provides the opportunity for all learners, including those with protected characteristics, to gain the knowledge, skills and experiences of educated people. We teach students the values of courage, respect, resilience and self-discipline; we encourage them to have motivation to succeed and to engage in good community spirit. As a result of this, all students flourish in our school and will do so in their futures.

If you have any questions about our curriculum please contact Ms R Mills-Webb (Deputy Headteacher): 

Read about our reports and assessments procedures here.